Our Story...

Sept 11th 2001 is when the Finley's Story really begins with a Refrigeration technician working at a company in New York maintaining concession equipment. With a young family to provide for Steve Finley was an ambitious young man armed with the eagerness to learn and a strong work ethic. His quality of work was quickly noticed early on as he was recruited shortly after the tragic day of Sept 11 to move him and his family out to work at a major restaurant chain in Alabama. The company was Steak N Shake which we still service many of their locations today. There at Steak N Shake he started out as a Facility Maintenance Tech and it broadened his education of equipment, HVAC Systems, Refrigeration, and Hot Side Maintenance.

2005 Steve was promoted to the position of Maintenance Supervisor due to his exemplary leadership he displayed over the years. It was in this role he became exposed to the issues of facility maintenance handled at the management level within a corporation. Convinced there was a better way he became a big believer in quality of service, attention to detail, and systems and processes. In this role he was able to forge long lasting relationships within both the restaurant community and services community. Constantly drawing knowledge from peers' experience and friends within the industry.

2007 Steve was made Director of Facilities which enabled him to standardize his system of preventative maintenance, and facility maintenance throughout more regions of the company.

2008-2015 The company was acquired, and a culture change encouraged Steve to move to Ohio where he was recruited by a service company out of Georgia for the Ohio Market. His Quality of work was recognized by companies, like Chipotle™, which Finley's still services today. The Georgia company in 2016 abandoned the Ohio market which left Steve and his family wondering what to do next.

Steve still had good relationships with the Ohio accounts left behind by the last company, so he made a couple phone calls. With $10,000 and a couple locations to service for Chipotle™, Steve and his wife Kelly decided to go out and buy a 1997 Dodge Ram Work Truck with no heat or AC, and like that Finley's Facilities was created.

Today Today Finley's Facilities operates across the entire state of Ohio, has 45 employees, and a fleet of vehicles. The company is growing quickly and changing but Steve is determined to maintain the culture and service that made US.

Here at Finley's, we believe in Quality Customer Service, Integrity in All We Do, and Quality Above All.